On The Issues

I support the Delaware Democratic Party platform. The values and principles of the Democratic Party will serve as my guide when serving you.


You can read the platform here: https://www.deldems.org/our-platform

Keeping this seat Democratic means that we can advance key Democratic priorities in Dover this year including voting rights legislation, paid family leave, gun safety measures, and funding for our most vulnerable communities.

I am passionate about improving the quality of housing our communities for the most vulnerable. I have worked to ensure that we have more affordable housing options in the City of Wilmington for seniors and families tackling vacant properties and assisting the Latin American Community Center to build subsidized housing for seniors. 


I support legislative measures to provide tenants a right to counsel in eviction proceedings.

With the rise of gun violence in our communities, I am committed to gun safety measures that will help stem the flow of guns to our streets. I will also prioritize investing in our community safety nets to address the root causes of gun violence.

The 4th District needs a legislator who will help solve the everyday problems of our residents. Through my service on Wilmington City Council, I have spent the past two decades making tangible improvements to our neighborhoods like curbside recycling and the construction of new playgrounds in Brandywine Park, Conaty and Cool Spring Park and at Highlands School. I am committed to make sure our roads are being maintained and community needs are being met.

  • The Delaware Democratic Party
  • Delaware AFL-CIO
  • AFSCME Council 81
  • Delaware Building Trades